The Toxic Avenger

From the grave, if lips could speak

the person who was, pleads – you must seek

the individual who had my trust,

and thru deceit and cunning into the grave did thrust

this body once alive and well,

now silenced by death, who can not tell

my death was NOT what all thought then,

for a poison brought my life to end!


Avenge me now, for you alone

can find the truth beneath the stone.

Look close and the clues you will see

that tell the tale of what killed me.

For you must tell all others now,

That this was MURDER – and tell them how!

For if no one looks to find what’s here,

An injustice was done to a life so dear.

If now only you could hear,

My muted pleadings to make wants clear.

I’d speak as plain as it could be.

Since I can’t – You must AVENGE ME!

-Anonymous. From a promotional leaflet on the book “Criminal Poisoning” by John Harris Trestrail, III (Acknowledgement: This leaflet was sent to me by John Harris Trestrail, III of the Regional Poison Center, Grand Rapids, MI)




Milton Helpern (1902-1977)

What kind of man is he we

honor here,

A doctor who has served his

science well?

Why, yes, of course, but most

of us could tell

Of science or profession served.

A peer

Without a peer in his own field

and sphere?

Why, yes, that too, but more than

this, his spell

Is cast by greatness of the mind.

We dwell

On inner strengths of character

so dear

To all who know him, radiance

that springs

From hidden depths of manliness

and truth.

These are the constant hallmarks

of the soul

That draw us to the man, these

are the things

Of which we offer now as

humble proof

The heartfelt testimony of

this scroll

-Anonymous. From the book “Autopsy – The Memoirs of Milton Helpern, the World’s Greatest Medical Detective” by Milton Helpern, M.D. with Bernard Knight, M.D. (Acknowledgement: This book was kindly lent to me by Dr. R.K. Sharma of the DDU Hospital)


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